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АО Semper Legal Attorneys at Law 

Semper Legal Attorneys at Law is a creative way to solve the legal issues.  Thus our main goal is to provide a constant legal support for our Clients, asserting their rights in different legal practices. We are neither a flashy, boutique law Firm nor an archaic legal giant bound by many constrains. Instead we are dynamic, full service law Firm. Doing our work we provide our clients with any possible legal advises, use our extensive practical experience to offer a surprising array of high quality legal and financial services.


Our lawyers are successful in many legal areas, such as: civil law, tax law, antitrust, land law, labor law, litigation and corporate practice.


Jurisprudence is not only a fascinating job for us, but also a way of life, creative activity, which consists of a number of intelligent victories, informative and open communication with Clients.


We work on to stay ahead of the conflict situation which might appear in the future; we seek to prevent and to minimize the potential costs and risks for the Client.


Our working languages:

Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, French.

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